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Medium Giclee on Premium Satin Photo Paper


"Monochrome Drip" delves into the sensual and artistic exploration of the female form through the lens of monochromatic paint. The single color of the dripping paint emphasizes the purity and simplicity of the body�s natural beauty, while also highlighting the fluidity and movement inherent in the human form. This collection seeks to strip away the distractions of multiple colors, focusing instead on the elegance and grace of each curve and contour. By using one color, the series invites viewers to appreciate the subtle interplay between light, shadow, and texture, creating a striking and evocative visual experience that celebrates the intimate connection between body and art.





Small: Edition of 50

Medium: Edition of 25

Large: Edition of 10


Photographs are hand signed and numbered.


Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. 


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